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Gmail becomes T-mail 1 terabyte of storage                                               
e-mail becomes T-mail: 1 terabyte of storage! ...
Well, as everyone was busy celebrating a 1000MB of email storage, out of the blue comes 1 whole terabyte of email storage. It had been reported that some users of Google's Gmail service discovered that their capacity had been increased from a huge one gigabyte to an unfeasibly large one terabyte. It has since transpired that this was due to a "bug" and Google is actively working to resolve this.

This will come as a huge relief to their rivals as they were no doubt struggling to cope with 100Mb for everyone, let alone a gigabyte or even a terabyte!


But, could this be some clever trick to get more people to sign up? Will this be for all users? Is this a mistake? It was reported that Google wasn't commenting when asked.

It's unlikely that many people could use that amount of storage given that 1 terabyte is more than four times the size of a typical high-end hard-drive for home users.

Another train of thought is that this may have been done by Google in response to the buzz Lycos generated when it announced the release of its expanded email service that will allow paid members access to the one gigabyte storage for their email. Perhaps Google wanted to steal the thunder back. And even if this wasn't their intention, they succeeded.

A move to one terabyte would have been significant, given the storage war Gmail has unleashed since going into an invite-only beta test April 1. Since Gmail's offer of a gigabyte of free e-mail storage, competitors have rushed to up the ante.

Earlier this week, the Lycos Europe portal attempted to overstep Gmail by offering a gigabyte of storage for e-mail users-but for a fee. Google has not said when Gmail will be generally available.

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